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The Murdered Mary Ann Della Salla

The Murdered
NJ Cold Case
Mary Ann Della Salla
Bergen County

Mary Ann Della Sala

Mary Ann Della Salla was 17 years old when she disappeared in 1967. She was living at 150 Hobart Street in Hackensack, Bergen County, New Jersey. She was a senior at Hackensack High school that worked part time after school at a grocery store to help with family finances. The ShopRite at 330 Essex Street in Hackensack to be exact. At the end of her shift, 9pm on January 24, 1967, she was reportedly offered a ride by a female co worker, but Mary Ann declined, because it was a nice night and she chose to walk home instead. Mary Ann left the store and headed home. She never got there.
The employee ended up taking another co worker to Woodridge, and on her way back, she said she did not see Mary Ann along her normal walking route, and assumed Mary had already arrived home. Mary Ann went missing wearing a heavy light blue sweater and a suede jacket with tight fitting tan slacks, blue shoes and a blue headband. She was wearing a shoulder strap handbag and was also wearing her boyfriend’s high school class ring.  
Mary Ann’s parents reported her missing when she didn’t arrive home. They were worried because she was a good student and not the kind to stay out. She was missing for 80 days.
Monday, April 10, a factory worker was taking a lunchtime stroll along the banks of the Passaic River in Hawthorne, NJ behind a municipal sewage treatment plant. He spotted something floating in the river. It was the body of Mary Ann. She had been strangled. Police have concluded that she was killed elsewhere and then thrown into the river. The exact cause of death was not determined.
Mary Ann still had her pocketbook with her when she was found, it was somehow attached to her sweater. She had not been robbed.
There was apparently something “ritualistically sexual” about the appearance of the body, according to witnesses. However, there was no other sign of sexual activity. 
Since Mary Ann was a ways away from her home, It is theorized Mary Ann came to the Paterson/Hawthorne area by bus. The last reported place she was seen alive was at the Hackensack bus terminal. Passaic County detectives questioned several bus drivers trying to find out if she had taken a bus to Paterson, but nothing was put out to the public stating whether or not any leads were found. 
This is all the information I was able to find about this case, and her murder remains unsolved.

(The second source I have posted below is a long page trying to piece together the similarities between other murders in the area, but I posted it since it still mentions Mary Ann’s death and has a newspaper article about her.) 

If you have any information about this crime, please contact the Passaic County Sheriff’s Office at 973-389-5900.


The Murdered Carol Ann Farino

The Murdered
NJ Cold Case
Carol Ann Farino
Maplewood, Essex County, NJ

Carol Farino was a 17 or 18 year old Columbia High School senior living at 5 Jefferson Ave, Maplewood, NJ. She had just left work as a part time waitress on Thursday, November 3, 1966 from Milt’s Cup and Saucer at 174 Maplewood at 7:30 PM. She stopped at George’s Luncheonette at 153 Maplewood for a soda and she spoke with the owner from about 7:35-7:50 PM, she had once worked at this place and knew the owner and his wife well. Carol was last seen by one of her friends at Maplewood Center at 193 Maplewood at 8:00 PM. 
By 8:30 PM, Carol had been strangled with a stocking and dumped in the driveway of Vincent J. Vaccarella at 22 Sommer Ave. She was found five minutes later when Vincent and his wife were heading out in their car. The girl’s body had been brought to the driveway in a car and carried to a point about 20 feet from the curb. She was lying on her back, wearing a white waitress uniform. The buttons on the front of her uniform were open and her undergarments were in disarray. Her legs were exposed to the waist. Her shoes were missing and the only nylon stocking found at the scene was the one knotted tightly around her neck, so it is unclear whether the stocking was her own. The body was still warm when police arrived and it was estimated she was dead for about 25 minutes at that point. The only wound she seemed to have was the deep strangulation mark on her neck. The police theorized that this was a rape attempt gone wrong. They seem to think Carol was forced into a car by more than one individual and in attempting to rape Carol, the perpetrator(s) panicked upon realization that the stocking strangled and killed her.
A girl named Gail Gawlick was 16 at the time and worked with Carol Ann. She said that Carol had been followed by a man in a car that Monday as she walked to work from school. 
Gail said that the man was tall, thin, and in his 20’s with light hair and a mustache. He had tried to persuade Carol Ann into getting into his late model blue Chevrolet. Once Carol reached her job, she told this man to “get lost” and the man replied “Okay, I’ll catch up to you some other time.”
The place Carol’s body was found is near to the Maplewood Country Club and about 8 blocks south of the girls home at 5 Jefferson Ave, which is only 3 blocks Northwest from where she worked. (Milts Cup and Saucer) which is in the center of town at 174 Maplewood Ave. 
Carol Ann’s father, Frank, was a news delivery driver in Newark at the time. She also has a younger sister named Cynthia, who was 10 years old when her sister was killed.
Milton Miles, Carol’s employer said she had been working for him for two years and she was “very efficient, and very quiet.” That sentiment was echoed by her friends who said she was a good student and intended to go to college next year. 
Her father says Carol would never have gotten into a car with someone she did not know unless she was forced. 
Her case remains unsolved.

If you have any information about this case, please contact the Essex County Sheriff’s office at 973 621 4111.


The Murdered Janet Ipsaro Adams

The Murdered 
NJ Cold Case
Janet Ipsaro Adams
Paramus, Bergen County, NJ

Janet Ipsaro Adams was a quiet and introverted 18 year old woman living in Paramus with her new husband of just 2 days, Brian Adams, in a second story garage apartment at 329 E. Midland Avenue in 1966. The couple had only been together for about 5 weeks in total before they had a simple wedding ceremony on Saturday, April 12th in their attorney’s home. After the wedding they had a reception in their newly rented 3-room apartment that lasted all night and into Sunday morning. There was some indication of LSD being used at this after-party, but there was not enough information on whether or not Janet and Brian were the narcotics users, or it was guests at the party.
On Monday at about 8:00AM, Brian went to work. At around 1:15PM, Janet walked 2 blocks from her home to a shopping center and bought some household items. That was the last time she was seen alive.
Janet’s nude and beaten body was found on the bathroom floor of her new home 3 hours later with her husband’s red and green necktie around her throat and a pair of 4 inch scissors plunged into her heart.
It was about 4PM when Arnold Goldberg, the landlord, discovered Janet. He said he had entered the apartment after knocking and getting no answer, to make repairs on a door. Once he saw the body he called the police. A new yellow plastic pail and two new mops were neatly placed next to a dresser nearby to the bathroom.
Janet’s death was caused by strangulation and not the scissors in her chest. 
Officials said they could not rule out the possibility of a sexual motive, but there were no indications of rape in the autopsy. It also seems she attempted to fight off her attacker. 
Looking into Janet’s past, she never really had a home, and was a high school drop out who had trouble fitting in with society. She had foster parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.E Thibault of 27 Broad street, Emerson NJ, who took her in 3 years ago.
Police said Brian Adams was working as a mason/construction worker at the Marriott Motor Hotel in Saddle Brook. On the day of the murder, Brian came home to find the police investigating his wife’s death. Brian was questioned for more than 4 hours when it was announced that he is not a suspect in the murder, however Brian Adams does have a record.  He had been arrested several times, twice on charges of hitting police chiefs. One resulted in a conviction, the other, acquittal. 
Police believe the murderer is someone Janet knew. About 30 people that attended the after party were questioned and released. 
Janets murder remains unsolved.

Anyone with information about this case is urged to contact the Paramus Police Department at 201-262-3400 x1369.


The Murdered Catherine Baker

The Murdered
NJ Cold Case
Catherine Baker
Edison Township, Middlesex County/Jackson Township, Ocean County, NJ.

Catherine Baker was a 16 year old girl living at 48 Gurley Road in Nixon, Edison Township New Jersey. On Thursday, March 17 1966 at 7:00PM, Catherine left her home to go to the Edison Shopping Center on Woodbridge Avenue where she wanted to go into the local bakery to buy cupcakes for her mother. This was only located one block from her house. Witnesses place her in the area at about 8:50PM. This is the last time Catherine was seen alive. She was wearing a pink sweater with brown pants and a three-quarter length green suede jacket and glasses.  
About two months later on May 14, 1966, Catherine’s body was found in Metedeconk River near Cook’s Bridge, Jackson Township by three boys on a fishing trip. She was nude from the waist down, but sexual assault was undetermined due to decomposition. It was also determined she was beaten on the head. It was estimated that Catherine was in that spot for about eight weeks.
August 13 1966, a man named Ivan Joseph Rule, age 18, residing at 102 Mill Road, committed suicide in his jail cell when he was detained for questioning. Ivan Rule had briefly dated Catherine Baker. Police found a letter written by Catherine to one of her friends in which she stated that Joe Rule threatened to kill her if she dated anyone else. It is theorized that Joseph Rule was not yet aware that he was being detained as a suspect in the Baker murder, and upon realization, he became distraught at the possibility of going back to jail. He then hung himself with his own belt which police failed to confiscate prior to locking him up in a holding cell.

The Murdered Wendy Wolin

NJ Cold Case
Wendy Sue Wolin Fleischner
Elizabeth, Union County, NJ

This case has a lot of information so this will be an extensive write-up. 

  Wendy Wolin Fleischner was a 7 year old girl living in Elizabeth, Union County New Jersey on Irvington Avenue with her mother, Shirley Fleischner. On Tuesday, March 8, 1966 at 4 p.m, the mother and daughter planned to leave their Pierce Manor apartment to run errands and pick up Wendy’s older sister Jodi from Hebrew school. Shirley told her daughter to meet her at the corner of Irvington Avenue and Prince Street while she got her car from the back parking lot. As Wendy made her way to the corner, a man approached her, crouched down and stabbed her in the stomach, through her coat, with a knife. As Wendy fell to the ground and cried out in pain, the man kept on walking in the opposite direction. A few witnesses to this, three little girls, ran into the fire department across the street and told Director Edward F. Deignan what had just happened. The 7 year old was taken to the fire station. When police showed up and realized Wendy was bleeding, they rushed her to Elizabeth General Hospital where she passed away due to shock and hemorrhage from a punctured liver, shortly before 5 p.m. 
Witnesses who had been there stated the man who stabbed Wendy was 6 feet tall, wearing a green/grey/blue Fedora, a corduroy coat, and tan baggy trousers. His weapon was a hunting knife and it was later found at the scene. 
The police launched a massive search for the perpetrator, said to have been a white male in his mid-to-late-40s with pale skin, white hair and a muscular frame, about 220 pounds. He was also said to walk with a “stiff leg.” As officers searched door to door, it left no results to the man’s identity. Thousands of people were questioned, including a “boat load of Vietnam-bound troops aboard a ship in the Port of Elizabeth Harbor.” Trains and buses were boarded and searched. Police Chief Michael Roy happened to look similar to the apparent attacker, so he agreed to let makeup artists lighten his complexion and whiten his hair so a picture of him could be used for Wanted Posters to be distributed. A special phone line was installed to handle the tips that poured in from other potential eyewitnesses and concerned citizens. 
Still, the killer was never found. 
It is speculated that the killer was the same man who had attacked two other girls earlier on that same day. 10 year old Patricia Lavolpe had been wounded on the buttocks by a man with a sharp object. She was also rushed to the Elizabeth General Hospital, fortunately she made a full recovery. 45 minutes before this attack, a 12 year old girl named Diana De Nicola was struck in the face by a man while standing in front of a department store. She too was then taken to the Elizabeth General Hospital, suffering from a bruised right cheek and eyelid. She too made a full recovery. 
As time went on, there were several tips and numerous suspects that were thoroughly investigated. In 1995, a tip was received by a woman who stated she had seen something which had turned out to be significant in the investigation. She said she assumed it was a piece of information that was no longer relevant since so much time had passed. The woman named a suspect, however he had already been questioned. This tip caused an outpour of other phone calls from people with potential information. Investigators encouraged any of the original witnesses to please come forward so they could be shown photos of the new potential suspects to see if they were identifiable. 
The Union County Crime Stoppers Program offered a reward of $5,000 for information leading to the arrest of Wendy’s killer. 
Sadly, all new leads did not pan out. This man was never identified. Police believe that the only way they will receive any closure for Wendy’s family is if a deathbed confession occurs. Otherwise, they have little hope of ever finding her killer. 
In 2016, as per the 50th anniversary of this incident, the site where she was attacked was used as a memorial to Wendy. 
The Elizabeth Police Captain, Todd Mooney, decided to post on social media about Wendy’s murder to pay tribute for the anniversary. He included a composite sketch of the suspected killer. Someone responded, they did recognize the face, but not in connection with Wendy. It involved the killing of another littler girl in the neighboring Highland Park, the year before Wendy’s murder, in 1965. 
A woman named Beth Moroney notified investigators that she is certain she saw Wendy’s killer on her block, the day her neighbor, 11 year old Mae Rubenstein, was stabbed more than a dozen times inside their home on South 3rd Avenue in February of 1965. Mae’s mother was also murdered by the unknown intruder after catching him in the act of killing her daughter. Beth said that right after the killing she described the man to police but there was never a follow up and no composite sketch. She still wonders whether Wendy’s death could have been prevented if police had taken her seriously. Authorities have never made an official connection. 
Eventually, there were even more bizarre coincidences established in the two cases. When the Rubenstein’s were killed, Wendy and her sister Jodi lived one block away in Highland Park in their grandparents house. Strangely enough, the grandparents last name was Rubenstien, but there was no relation to the murdered mother and daughter. 
Jodi Wolin now reveals that her mother suddenly moved the girls to Elizabeth just 11 days after the Rubensteins died, with no reason given. Jodi also stated that she had never heard of the Rubensteins murder until Facebook. A theory of mistaken identity was brought to light. Jodi also informed investigators that her grandfather did owe money to the mob and other powerful people. 
In 2016, DNA from Wendy’s coat was being tested but Mr. Todd Mooney said the evidence is so degraded, it will likely not produce any results. 
There was no DNA to use in the Rubensteins case because the blood at the scene was cleaned up very early on in the investigation. 
As of January of 2021, both of these cases are still unsolved. 
Below is a picture of Wendy, the knife used in the killing, and a composite sketch of the perpetrator. 
I have written about the Anne and Mae Rubenstein case previously, and I have linked the case as well.


If you have any information about this crime, please contact the Union County Police at (908)-654-9800.

The Murdered Joanne Fantazier

The Murdered
NJ Cold Case
Joanne Fantazier
Colts Neck Township, Monmouth County, NJ

On Thursday, February 10, 1966, 17 year old Joanne Fantazier left her home at 612 Florida Grove Road in Perth Amboy at 6:30PM to visit a friend. She was last seen walking past the Delaney-Dunlap housing projects near her home. One article did say she made it to her friends’ house, but I can’t confirm. The next day, February 11, her body was discovered on the frozen Yellow Brook in Colts Neck Township. It seemed that Joanne had been hit over the head from behind and thrown from the nearby Muhlenbrink Road bridge, (a 12 foot drop) still alive and unconscious before she died on the ice about two hours later. Her cause of death was a brain hemorrhage due to blunt force trauma to the back of the head and hypothermia, along with the trauma she endured when her body hit the ice.
Joanne was fully clothed, but her high heel leather shoes were missing. She was wearing a red dress with a raccoon fur coat. There was no evidence of sexual assault. Joanne’s purse with personal items and papers were found by the side of the road. There were no other clues found.
Two months after her death, a man by the name of James E. Hartnett was briefly held as a material witness. No details were released. Joanne’s murder had previously been attributed to a serial killer in NJ but it doesn’t seem that this serial killer ever existed. (see below, source #2 and #3) No further information has been released, and Joanne’s murder is still unsolved.

If you have any information, please contact the Monmouth County Sheriff’s Office at 732-431-6400.

Sources: (1)

The Murdered Cynthia Leeds

The Murdered
Cynthia Leeds
Brick Township, Ocean County NJ

Cynthia Leeds was born on March 29, 1955 in Queens County New York.
At 21 years of age, she was 8 months pregnant and living with her husband, Charles, in an apartment in Kentwood Village, in Brick Township, Ocean County New Jersey in August of 1976. On a Friday evening, August 27th 1976, Cynthia was found by her husband and a friend, strangled and stabbed to death in their first-floor apartment at approximately 5PM. She was found nude, on the bed. She had been stabbed in the chest, and a large slash wound exposed the fetus, leading investigators to believe that the killer might have wanted to take the baby, based on the fact the uterus was exposed by the wounds. A key piece of evidence in the murder, a bloody knife found in the kitchen, was destroyed when the knife was “inadvertently” washed off in the sink when someone washed their hands after police arrived at the scene. (What?!) Blood and any possible fingerprints were gone.
Robbery was ruled out due to money being left out on the counter in Cynthia and Charles’ apartment.
There is no reason to believe Mrs. Leeds let the assailant into the apartment. The most likely scenario is that entry came by removing a screen from a window and reaching around and unlocking a nearby door.
Cynthia’s husband says the last time he saw his wife alive was the morning of August 27, 1976 when he left for work. He was a truck driver for a beverage company.
“Charlie said he got up, went to the bathroom, made coffee and departed through the front door after saying goodbye to his wife.” according to James A. Churchill, head of the major crimes squad in the Ocean County Prosecutor’s Office.
Due to her pregnancy, Cynthia stopped working about 2 weeks before the murder. Every morning while she was still working, Charles Leeds would drive his wife to the train station in Manasquan where she caught one of the earliest of the commuter trains, leaving for New York City sometime between 5:30 and 6:00 am. That practice continued, even after the couple moved from Manasquan to Brick Township, because Leeds place of employment was a short distance from the train station. During her days of commuting to work this way, Cynthia apparently became acquainted with a man who took the same route to work every day. This man has been called a “key piece” of the investigation.
It was Mrs. Leeds’s routine to get on the third or fourth car of the train and walk to the first car where she would either join or be joined by the man. They would sit and talk and appeared to be friendly, investigators learned from the few people willing to talk about it, they believe the man also boarded the train in Manasquan. The two both got off the train in Newark but went in separate directions. He headed toward the PATH trains linking Newark with the financial district in Lower Manhattan. Investigators would like to talk to the man who rode the same train even after Mrs. Leeds stopped working to await the arrival of her baby. The mysterious commuter stopped riding the train the day after the murder and although several people have confirmed that Mrs. Leeds sat with and talked to the stranger, this man has never been identified or questioned.
Churchill says “we believe he might be able to give us some important information about the victim.” He was described as a white man in his early 20s, no more than 5’9 inches tall. He dressed casually, wearing a golf jacket, sweater and possibly saddle shoes. The two never entered or left the train together.
Based on conversations the victim had with others, it was determined that the commuter may have been in the banking business and may have been transferred to Richmond, Virginia about the time of the murder.
Investigators questioned hundreds of apartment residents and employees, they even once saturated the early commuter train with leaflets and photos of the dead woman and asked for any possible information, but no one responded.
Churchill believes the murder may have been committed by a person suffering from monomania. (Definition- a mental disorder characterized by irrational preoccupation with one subject.) “This type of individual is usually a loner, and lives in close proximity to a victim, and they are usually five years younger or five years older than the subject of their attention.”
“This person has a crush on someone, and he makes his feelings known. Depending on how he is rebuffed, he can snap and do some pretty weird things. A monomaniac usually kills but once, because the person killed, and therefore eliminated the subject matter of the monomaniac.”
The last entry in the Leeds murder file was July 24, 1984, 8 years after the slaying. It concerned a possible suspect and it was investigated, but it led nowhere. There may be people living in the large apartment complex who may have seen or heard something that day or might know something about the victim that would help investigators. One witness who was outside one of the apartments the morning of the murder saw a Hispanic man wearing a white T-shirt running around behind the complex. That man has never been identified.
6 months after the slaying, police put out a composite sketch of an individual Mrs. Leeds was supposed to have argued with, outside of a physician’s office. After additional investigation, it was determined the woman who had supplied the information about the suspect had made up
the story about the man and the argument.
Cynthia’s grave is located at Saint Catherine’s Cemetery in Sea Girt, Monmouth County, New Jersey.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Ocean County prosecutor’s office at 973-929-2027 or brick townships detective peter ramsey at 973-477-7615.


The Murdered Alys Eberhardt

NJ Cold Case
Alys Jean Eberhardt
Saddle River Road, Fair Lawn, Bergen County, NJ
Alys Jean Eberhardt, an 18 year old student nurse was last seen leaving the dormitories at Hackensack Hospital School of Nursing at 2:30pm to go to her home at 3-34 Saddle River Road Fairlawn, on Friday, September 24th, 1965. When her father returned to the home at 5:30pm, he walked into a gruesome scene. He found Alys in the living room, lying on her back, with an 18-inch kitchen knife protruding from her neck. She had a fractured skull on both sides of her head, and a total of 61 post-mortem stab wounds to the neck and chest. Her white shirt and bra was pushed up around her neck, she was nude to the waist. A souvenir letter opener dagger was left at the scene on the floor in between her legs. No penetrative rape had been reported.
Alys’ ultimate cause of death was a double skull fracture with a blunt object to the left and right side of the head.
According to reports, the attack started in the bedroom upstairs and progressed down the stairs into the living room. There was no sign of forced entry into the home. She was murdered between 4:15 and 5:15pm.
The unique, curved dagger left at the scene turned out to be a four-inch souvenir from the Jordan Pavilion at New York World’s Fair in 1964 to 1965. There were only one thousand
daggers made and sold, between the fair and in New York City at a place called the House of Jordan Store, located on 38th Street and Third Avenue and the Acropolis 44th Street and Eighth Avenue. The sheath for said dagger was never found.
Her murder hasn’t been solved. Below I placed a picture of Alys.

I also found a video of the “Jordan’s Pavilion at New York World’s Fair in 1964” which is one of the places the dagger was sold:

Here is a photo of the Jordans Pavilion:

Source of Photo:
Source of information:

If you have any information about this case, please contact the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office at (201)-336-3500.

The Murdered Anne & Mae Rubenstein

NJ Cold Case
Anne & Mae Rubenstein
Highland Park, Middlesex County, NJ
12 year old Mae Rubenstein,(some sources say 11) a 6th grader at Lafayette School, was left alone in her home at 437 S. Third Ave. while her mother, Anne, was food shopping, her father Robert was working with her brother Elihu at the Star Lumber Co., in town, on February 13, 1965. Upon Anne’s return from the grocery store, she ended up finding Mae, slashed in the kitchen. The mother confronted the attacker and, like her daughter, was savagely stabbed in the neck, face and chest. The Middlesex County medical examiner determined that Anne Rubenstein was attacked with a long-bladed kitchen knife about 35 times. Mae suffered 15 stab wounds and her jugular vein was slashed. Anne’s body was later found 2 hours later in the foyer by her 9 year old nephew Maurice Feller, who came to the home to get a drink of water. She was lying in a pool of blood, and the surrounding area showed signs of a desperate scuffle. Rubenstein was still wearing her heavy winter coat, and loaves of bread were scattered on the floor. Alarmed by the scene, Feller ran to a neighbor who lived on the second floor of the building. After seeing the mother, the neighbor discovered Mae’s body in the kitchen and called police. Both were pronounced dead at the scene.
No one has been labeled as a suspect in the slayings, and no weapon was ever found. A motive or explanation of such a violent crime also has not been established, as investigators found no attempts of sexual assault or even robbery – with more than $100 left behind in the house. There have been theories, one rumor stating it was a case of mistaken identity, that the killer happened upon the wrong family.
As per their Jewish tradition, the mother and daughter were buried within 24 hours of their deaths.
This case has not been solved, but the investigation still remains active.

Cause of death: Child Mae stabbed 15 times and death caused by severing the jugular vein; Anne stabbed 35 times, stab wound to the left chest, heart, causing death.
Forensic Characteristics: Double Murder – no penetrative sexual assault reported – no theft – stabbing – female child 12 years old initial victim found in kitchen – mother found in entryway
Saturday afternoon. Took place between 12:30PM and 2:30PM.


If you have any information on this case, please contact the Middlesex County Police Department at (732)-356-1900

The Murdered Eleanor Sophia Lynch

NJ Cold Case
Eleanor Sophia Lynch
Mount Prospect Ave, Newark, Essex County, NJ
Eleanor Sophia Lynch, 28, was found deceased at 7:00AM on Monday,
January 28, 1964 at 372 Mount Prospect Ave, Newark, Essex County, NJ, better known as the Cromwell Terrace Apartments, in the basement boiler room. The door to the basement and boiler room was usually kept unlocked according to the custodian who discovered the body. She was last seen early Monday morning at 12:30AM at the diner next door to her place of employment. Eleanor was a desk clerk at the Dixie Motel on Route 1 in Woodbridge. Remnants of take-out dinner on a desk in the motel office were found, along with the victim’s purse and identification. Her car was found in the parking lot of the motel.
Eleanor lived at 153 Cooper Street, Iselin, Woodbridge, NJ. She was married but separated, and a mother of three. Her estranged husband Edward Lynch, 29, determined to have been living in California since October of 1963 and was residing there during a murder that happened at 3359 Canyon Crest Drive, Altadena, California. This case is strangely not in the newspapers.
According to Dr. Edwin Albano, Chief medical examiner for Essex County, Eleanors report was as follows:
Cause of Death: “Multiple stab wounds to both sides of the chest, penetrating both lungs; bi-lateral hemo thorax, stab wound of lower back penetrating the liver, hemo Peritoneum.” Forensic Characteristics: Victim was abducted shortly after 12:30AM from place of work (motel office) – transported in perpetrator’s vehicle to an apartment building boiler room – found face down on a rug pad – the victims green colored coat was lying under the upper part of her body and a coverless pillow was on the floor near the victim’s head. Hands tied separately to pipe situated about six-to eight inches above the floor by neckties taken from old clothes storage box in basement – man’s shirt and necktie tied around face – (according to news media reports: the dress and sweater she was wearing was raised to her neck – wearing a bra) – undergarments, shoes and a stocking scattered on the floor – 62 stab wounds to the chest, back and side inflicted by a 2 and-a-half-inch pocket-knife style blade – $93 and a TV set missing from motel – night of Sunday-Monday. No report of penetrative rape. Time of death estimated at 4:00AM.
The case has not been solved.


If you have any information about this case, please contact the NJ State Police of Newark, at (732)-441-4500

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