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The Murdered Sophie Olejnik

NJ Cold Case
Sophie Olejnik
Hillsborough, Somerset County, NJ

Sophie Olejnik

On June 2, 1963, a 14 year old girl named Sophie Olejnik departed her home at 49 N. 11th Avenue, Mannville, Somerset County, NJ, to attend a dance at the Polish Falcons Camp. She was last seen at 2:30PM walking on Champlain Road and turning south down Sunny Meade Road. The Polish Falcon Camp on Falcon Road was approximately 1.2 miles away. Six days later on June 8, 1963, her body was found face down in 6 inches of water in Royces Brook, 200 yards upstream from Sunnymeade Road, and about 600-800 yards south of where she was last seen.
Cause of Death: Forcible drowning
Forensic Characteristics: abducted or ambushed, killed in the vicinity of
the encounter – on rural road and bush terrain – found facedown in six
inches of water on bank of creek – mud and sand found in mouth – clad in orange blouse ripped open in the front – peddle-pusher style pants partly pulled down – no penetrative rape reported or determined – walked or forced through bush on a footpath from road to creek – drowned forcibly by head being held in mud and creek – purse found on the opposite bank of the creek with contents intact. – Sunday afternoon.
Sophie’s case has not been solved.

If you have any information about this case, please contact the Somerset County Police Department at 908-231-7140


The Tragic Death of 28 Year Old Alex Toledo, will his Murderer Ever be Caught?

The Tragic Death of 28 Year Old Alex Toledo, will his Murderer
Ever be Caught?
I would like to discuss a murder that happened in Newark New Jersey in 2014, my husbands best
friend, Alex Toledo.
(Copied and pasted from the article I have linked below)
NEWARK — A 28-year-old Newark man was shot and killed this afternoon outside his city home
near Branch Brook Park, prosecutors and relatives said.
The victim, whom prosecutors did not identify, died of an apparent gunshot wound shortly before 1
p.m. in the 200 block of North 7th Street, according to Katherine Carter, a spokeswoman for the
Essex County Prosecutor’s Office.
Carter did not say if authorities had a motive or suspect in the slaying.
Relatives and friends flocked to the scene this afternoon to mourn the man’s death, and one
woman was seen washing away blood stains outside of North 7th Street home.
People who described themselves as relatives of the slain man identified him as Alexander Toledo,
and said he lived on the street. He was a father of four, the relatives said.
Carter declined to comment further.
Alexander Toledo passed on May 4th 2014. He was a father of four, a loving uncle, a brother, a
son, and a great friend. Although I personally never met him, Alex and my husband Ken have
known each other since they were young children, Alex and his whole family treated Ken like one of
their own children. Many people were distraught over his passing. His older brother Eric apparently
was a witness to the incident, however I can’t verify it through any articles, it is just hearsay, so I
can not post any details here. I have only been able to find that one vague article on this incident.
Alexander was murdered in broad daylight on a Sunday right before 1pm and not ONE witness
came forward with any useful information. Understand that Newark is a rough and low income area,
and a lot of people do not cooperate with the police. The case has been absolutely stagnant. No
further updates from police to the family. With the 6 year anniversary of his death coming up in 2
days, If anyone else is able to dig deeper than I can, to find other articles, it would be appreciated.
As far as I can tell, Newark police seem to have stopped looking for answers. I have not even been
able to locate any obituary online for him. Close friends of the family had to pay for a burial plot for
Alex, however at that point in 2014 he did not have a headstone. It’s been a few years since being
down in Newark, so I am unsure if someone else has paid for a headstone since then. This is a low
income area, and it hurts my heart to know that his own family could not afford to bury him. I pray
for justice for my husband’s best friend, and answers for his family who deserve to know who killed
their beloved Alex.

If you have any information about this case, please contact the NJ State Police of Newark at (732)-441-4500.

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