The Missing Margarita Medina

The Missing
Margarita Medina
Case #: 025481
Camden County

Margarita Medina was last seen on February 9, 2002 at her daughter’s residence on Williamstown Road in Gloucester Township, NJ. She had no other relatives living in the area. She was 82 years old at the time, she had white hair with brown eyes, 5’0-5’4”, 175 lbs. She has an oval shaped birthmark on her right leg, midway between her ankle and her knee. She was Puerto Rican, speaking mostly Spanish and some English. She was last seen wearing a blue denim dress, a black hat, black shoes with black laces, a tigers eye ring, a silver watch and a silver bracelet. Margarita suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and Dementia. Otherwise, she was in good physical health at the time of her disappearance. 
Margarita was seen walking along Erial Road in the Fox Chase Development at 3:00 pm, and later near the Heritage’s convenience store at the intersection on Jarvis and Williamstown Roads. She has not been heard from again. 
The investigating agency believes she may have returned to her native Puerto Rico. 


The Missing Kenya Hickson

The Missing 
Kenya Hickson
Case #: 01111249
Essex County

Kenya Hickson was 28 years old when she went missing on August 14, 2001. She was last seen leaving her residence on foot in Newark, NJ. She is a black female, 5’7”, 145 lbs. Kenya was seen leaving with an acquaintance of hers, a woman that everyone only knew as “Cynth.” (Short for Cynthia?) Kenya struggled with substance abuse issues in the past. Her street name was “Boo Boo.” She was wearing a blue shirt with black jeans and a headscarf that day. She had pockmarks on her face. Kenya is also known by “Keysa Caldwell or “Grace Hi.”
Kenya has been known to frequent areas of 20th Street, Nye Avenue and Ells Avenue in Newark and Irvington, NJ.  There is not much more information on this case. 

Note:  I wanted to bring up an article that was published in the newspaper in November of 1996. In this article, there is mention of a 23 year old woman named Kenya Hickson as the passenger of a vehicle that was stolen by her then boyfriend, Nate. He ended up hitting and killing two people during this driving excursion. The couple had been trying to sell parts of the stolen truck to Dave’s Engine Rebuilding, and the owner was alerted that the pieces were considered stolen. In 1996, Kenya was 23 years old. I can’t exactly verify this article is indeed about her, but it came up as I researched. See below.

If you have any further information, please contact the NJ State Police at 609-882-2000.


The Missing Danielle Marie Day

The Missing
Danielle Marie Day
Case #: 01-5521
Camden County

(Danielle’s daughter Brianna Day, holding a picture of her mom)

Danielle Day was 28 years old when she was last seen at her brother’s girlfriend’s home on March 30, 2001 in Lindenwold, NJ in the late afternoon. It is not known whether Danielle walked or drove off. She was troubled by her addiction to heroin and crack cocaine, and it wasn’t uncharacteristic of her to leave without contacting her family for extended periods of time, so her family was not initially concerned when they hadn’t heard from her. Her brother reported her missing on May 15th 2001. She has a tattoo of the devil on her left buttock and a tattoo of a rose on her left breast. She also has breast implants. Danielle is a white female, 5’04” in height, 100-110 lbs, brown hair and brown eyes.
 At the time of her disappearance, Danielle worked as an exotic dancer for the “Fantasy Show Bar” (which no longer exists) on Black Horse Pike in Mount Ephraim, New Jersey. Danielle was also involved in prostitution, and she frequented the Brooklyn, New York area often, along with Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Camden, New Jersey.
Danielle’s two children, Brianna and Frankie, who were in foster care at the time, vaguely remember their mother visiting them on occasion. Brianna was six years old when her mom went missing. She strongly believes her mother became a victim of human trafficking. Neither child has any idea as to who their biological father is. Danielle’s mother eventually adopted her grandchildren out of foster care, and they are now adults, looking for answers as to what happened to their mother.  

If you have any information, please contact the Lindenwold Police Department at 856-784-7566.


The Missing Anwar Green

The Missing
Anwar Green
Case #: 01006569
Essex County

   Anwar Green was 19 years old when he was last seen with his friend Rahim Martin on January 19, 2001 in Newark, NJ. He and Rahim were seen on surveillance cameras at Independence Community Bank at the corner of Broad Street and Academy Street. The two men had planned to cash a check from a civil lawsuit. On footage, it appears Anwar is nervous as he keeps glancing towards the door. Rahim cashed the check for over $8,000. There was also another $4,000 check that had been issued but it was never cashed.
Martin and Green left the bank and went next door to the Prudential Building on Broad Street. Martin had once worked there as a guard for a private security firm. In the lobby, Martin called his uncle from a pay phone and they talked briefly. The uncle worked at the building but the two young men left without seeing him in person.
Neither Martin nor Green had drivers licenses at the time they disappeared. They asked others to drive them places. Anwar has not used his credit card since his disappearance and he left his cell phone behind. He is a Black male, 5’08”,148 lbs, brown hair and brown eyes. He was last seen wearing a brown coat with a fur collar, blue jeans and brown Timberland boots. He was also wearing a gold necklace with a diamond cross pendant. Anwar has a chipped front tooth, and his nickname is “Head.” Anwar was very close with his family and it was uncharacteristic of them both to leave without warning. It is theorized that the men were robbed and murdered because of the large amount of money they were carrying. 
The day after the two were reported missing, a man’s body was found in a burned house in Newark. It was determined that he had been murdered and the house was intentionally set on fire. The victim was identified as Rahim Martin in August of 2010, but there was no sign of Anwar. Foul play is suspected in his case due to the circumstances. 

Info on Rahim:

If you have any information, please contact the Newark Police Department at 973-733-5400.


The Missing Victor Richardson

The Missing
Victor Leonard Richardson III
Case #: 00026504
Hudson County

Victor Richardson was last seen on May 10, 2000, leaving his business (a beeper store) on Smith Street in Perth Amboy, North Bergen, NJ when he was 24 years old. He drove away in his blue or black 1991 Honda Acura with NJ plates at around 1:30 p.m. He was traveling to Central Communications at 2595 Woodbridge Ave, Edison, NJ to drop off two pagers but he never arrived. He was wearing jeans and a T-shirt with Timberland boots with a gold ring on his right hand and a platinum Rolex watch on his left wrist. His home was later found unlocked and in a “state of disarray.” Victor has a scar on his abdomen. He is a Black/Hispanic male, 5’08”, 140 lbs, brown hair and brown eyes. He has a light complexion. His nickname is “Vic”.

If you have any information, please call the North Bergen Police Department at 201-392-2100.


The Murdered Joseph Hoopengardner

The Murdered
Joseph L. Hoopengardner
NJ Cold Case
Ocean County

   Joseph Hoopengarder was a 44 year old plumbing business owner from Dover township New Jersey in 1981. On Saturday, January 26, he was found dead in the woods of the Greenwood Forest Wildlife Management Area. Joseph was found with blows to the head and 3 gunshot wounds. His truck was found the next day, January 27, parked in the Playdrome bowling lanes parking lot at Route 37 and Conifer Street, Toms River. The truck appeared to be wiped clean, no fingerprints were found.
The Ocean County medical examiner’s office states that Joseph had been dead only a few hours before the body was found at 2:30pm by a hunter near the intersection of Route 539 and Mule Road. His cause of death was a laceration and hemorrhage of the brain. He was shot three times in the head and body but the police have not determined the type of weapon used.
His wife’s name is Helen Hoopengardner, however I have been having trouble finding anything online about her. I was also unable to find a picture of Joseph, other than the one I posted above. 
No motive has ever been suggested. Unfortunately, this is all the information that was available.


The Missing Amanda Carroll

The Missing
Amanda Rae Carroll
Case #: 00-516
Hunterdon County

   Amanda Carroll was 20 years old when she went missing on May 1, 2000, from Flemington New Jersey. She rented a home on Greenwood Place with her husband, Matthew Carroll, and their two daughters. 
During the early morning hours of May 1, Amanda chatted online with a friend from Texas about her plans to take her children and move back to Arizona where she was born, to live with her father after her divorce was finalized. She seemed upbeat and looking forward to the move. 
At 6:30 am, Amanda spoke to a Canadian friend on the phone. After this phone call, she has never been heard from again. 
Matthew, her husband, a captain in the Marine corps, was the one to report her missing. He and their two young daughters were visiting his parents in New York on the last day Amanda was heard from. 
Amanda married Matthew when she was just 16 years old. The relationship seemed happy until the family moved to New Jersey six months before her disappearance. Amanda had become depressed and decided to seek a divorce. 
Of note, it turns out that the police were called to the Carroll residence two days before Amanda disappeared due to a domestic dispute, but no violence occurred and no charges were filed.
Matthew has stated he believes she left of her own accord, possibly with someone she met on the internet. The police investigated all of Amanda’s internet acquaintances, but have cleared all of them of any involvement. 
Amanda’s bank account and social security number have had no activity since the first day of May, 21 long years ago. 
Amanda was last seen wearing a white t-shirt with jeans and gold rings on her fingers. She is Caucasian with red hair, hazel eyes, 5’6”, 145 lbs. She has a tattoo of a sun and moon on her right ankle, a floral pattern tattoo on the back of her neck, and she has pierced ears. 
Police do not think this is an act of random foul play. Matthew was considered a key suspect in the case, but there was not enough evidence to charge him with anything.
Amanda’s father has since passed away, and her two daughters are living in Pennsylvania, hoping one day for answers. 

If you have additional information, please contact the New Jersey State Police Missing Persons Unit at 609-882-2000, ext. 2554, or you can contact the Flemington Police Department at 908-782-8889.


The Missing William Meehan

The Missing
William L. Meehan
Case #: 0142158 (New Brunswick Police) #: 00-3288 (Belmar Police)
Middlesex County

William Meehan was 32 year old when he was last seen driving his silver four-door Oldsmobile 88 (License plate #: YS-597J) leaving MacLearie Park. He was heading northbound on Highway 35 in Belmar, New Jersey. The vehicle was found to be involved in a hit-and-run accident on Route 22 in Green Brook, New Jersey, and William left the scene. He has not been heard from since. William was wearing a pink/gray shirt size 36, blue jeans and white “Avia” brand sneakers.
There are no further clues to his whereabouts. 

If you have any additional information, please contact the New Brunswick Police Department at 732-745-5200 or the Belmar Police Department at 732-681-1700.


The Missing Pietro Zarfino

The Missing
Pietro Zarfino
Case #: 001151
Essex County

Pietro Zarfino was 70 years old when he went missing on January 4, 2000. He was said to be in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease. On this day at around 2pm, he was last seen walking near his residence on Bloomfield Avenue in Newark/Belleville, New Jersey. He was wearing a light brown/tan suit. Pietro was 5’8-5’9”, 140-150 lbs, graying black hair with brown eyes. He spoke Italian and very little English.
This is all the information we have. 

If you have any further information, please contact the Essex County Sheriff’s Office at 973-621-4111.


The Missing Charles Strohm

The Missing
Charles N. Strohm
Case #: 990289145
Camden County, NJ

   Charles Strohm was 47 years old when he was last seen on December 17, 1999 in the area of the 300 block of Warren Street in Gloucester City, NJ. He is mentally disabled and has threatened to commit suicide in the past. He was wearing a grey hoodie, jeans, white socks, and athletic shoes. Some sources state he may have also been wearing a watch. Charles is 6ft 1, 160 lbs, greying blonde hair and blue eyes. He may have a mustache, beard or goatee. He has a raised mole on his abdomen, a previous fractured right wrist, right ankle and clavicle. He also has two missing front teeth. Authorities believe he may have attempted to travel to Texas. This is all the information we have to go on. His case is still unsolved.

If you have any information, please contact the Gloucester City Police Department at 856-456-0900.


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