The Missing Margaret Haddican McEnroe

The Missing
Margaret Haddican-McEnroe
Case #: 06-11949
Somerset County

Margaret Haddican-McEnroe was a 29 year old Army Veteran and volunteer firefighter when she disappeared from her residence near the vicinity of Wychwood Way and Roundtop Road in Warren Township, New Jersey on October 10, 2006. Her husband, Tim McEnroe is said to have left their home at 1:30 P.M. and had returned two hours later to find his wife missing and their 6 month old child home alone. Tim noted that $11,000 cash inside of a duffel bag was missing from his home, but his wifes’ previously broken cellphone and her vehicle remained at the house. Margarets credit card was also missing but the police found no activity on her bank account since her disappearance. The cellphone, Tim stated, had been broken during an argument the couple had the night before. She was reported missing by her husband on Thursday, October 12, two days after he last saw her on Tuesday, October 10. Margaret was said to have threatened suicide in the past and could have also been suffering from post-partum depression, a psychological condition that can occur in women during the first year after giving birth. 

Margaret was born on August 25, 1977 to Terri Diel in Livingston, Illinois. Her mother, being a young teenager, chose to give her up for adoption when she was a baby with the name “Sherwood Haley,” a combination of her mother’s maiden name and her birth father’s name. She was adopted by Eileen and Patrick Haddican from Jackson, Mississippi and raised her as the oldest of four adopted children in Warren, New Jersey. She seemed to have had a good childhood. She played sports in highschool and trained in boxing as a teenager. 

Following the 9/11 terrorist attacks, Margaret enlisted in the Army and completed basic training in Fort Jackson, Columbia, South Carolina in 2001, where she used her birth name, “Sherwood Haley” and she may have identification with that name. For two years, she was stationed in Fort Riley, Kansas, as a tank mechanic.

 During her time in the army, she searched for and found her birth mother. They had enjoyed a close relationship ever since 1998. She also made contact with her birth father but lost touch shortly after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. She was medically discharged from the army in 2004 and later married her longtime friend Tim McEnroe. At the time of her disappearance in 2006, she had been a volunteer firefighter with the Mount Bethel Fire company and she had recently resumed her duties after taking a leave of absence for the birth of her daughter. She was previously with the Washington Valley Fire company, and won an award for her rescue and evacuation efforts during Hurricane Floyd in 1999.

The timeline for Margaret’s disappearance is as follows:

-On October 9, 2006, Margaret had an argument with her husband. Police were called to the home on a report of a domestic disturbance. By the time officers arrived she had left for her parents house, but returned home later that evening. This is when Margaret’s phone had been broken. Margaret apparently had a history of walking out of the home and returning after she calmed down. Her family says the couple were having marital problems and Margaret was considering a divorce.

-On October 10, 2006, Margaret had a phone call with her best friend between 8:30 am and 9:00 am from her residence. Her husband left at approximately 1:30 p.m to buy baby formula from the local A&P. At 3:00 p.m, he returned to find Margaret was absent and their six month old daughter was home alone in her crib. Margaret never came back home.

-On October 12, 2006, Margaret was reported missing by her husband to the Warren Township Police Department. He said he waited two days before doing so, at the urging of friends, who believed she would soon return, since she had done this before.

Upon an examination of their home, there was no evidence of any kind of damage or a sign of a break in, and there were no indications that Margaret had someone forcibly remove her. Since Margaret’s vehicle was located in the couple’s driveway, she was believed to have been traveling on foot. 

Six weeks later, one of Margaret’s army T-shirts was found on Thanksgiving Day 2006 by a Warren Police Officer on Dock Watch Hollow Road, which was about one mile from their home. The T-shirt featured her Army division number. It was sent to a laboratory for analysis, but it came up with no conclusive data. The shirt was not weathered and had appeared to not be out in the elements for long. 

On July 28, 2007, FBI agents and detectives from the Somerset County Prosecutor’s office and the Warren Township Police Department, along with the NJ State Police Aviation Unit and Missing Person Unites and even the Bergen County Sheriff’s K-9 Unit helped to canvas the neighborhood where she lived with Tim and her young children. They also investigated a large fenced-in quarry in the area. The 9 hour pursuit involved search dogs, mounted patrol and more than 50 trained searchers, but unfortunately no new clues were found. 

4 years later, on June 7, 2011, Tim McEnroe was publicly named as a person of interest after authorities interviewed potential witnesses and neighbors near the family’s home, however Tim stated that being a person of interest bothered him a lot. At the time of Margaret’s disappearance, the couple had been married for less than two years but he had known her since she was 20 years old.

He said, “I never understood it. I had done everything and anything they wanted. They searched our house 15 times. They searched the backyard, our rental house, I gave them permission to tap the phone, go through bank statements. Anything they wanted, I gave them. They paid me back by naming me a person of interest. They did it to make me look bad, like I was about to be arrested.” 

 Police never found any evidence, means or motive for foul play in Margaret’s disappearance. Her friends and family don’t believe she would have left without telling someone, nor would she leave her three kids behind, claiming her children were her number one priority.

Margaret’s daughters don’t remember their mother, because the youngest was 6 months old and the oldest daughter was just 2 years old.

She has a tribal tattoo on her stomach, a fire helmet on her left thigh, and numerous tattoos on her back. 
Margaret was last seen wearing a black “BDU” jacket, a grey “Army” sweatshirt with black lettering, white checkered pajama pants, white socks, and white “Nike” brand sneakers. She was wearing a silver chain with dog tags and a white wedding ring with three diamonds. She may be carrying a black bag containing additional clothing. 
She is described as being a tough, physically strong woman. She is a white female, 5’02” in height, 110 lbs, with brown hair and brown eyes. She has a light complexion. Her mental state/wellbeing is still unknown at this point in time.

Authorities have little evidence to indicate Margaret’s fate and are not discounting any possibilities. Her co-workers and family members state that she was behaving normally prior to her disappearance.

A $5,000 reward is being offered by Crimestoppers of Somerset County for information leading to her whereabouts.

Any further information, please contact the Warren Township Police Department at 908-753-1000.


Margaret Haddican McEnroe

Margaret I. Haddican-McEnroe

Margaret Haddican-McEnroe

Mother of 3, Margaret Haddican-McEnroe, disappears

I have also recently found out that there is an episode on Margarets case on the TV show called Disappeared: Season 5 Episode 7 “Hometown Hero” 

Here is a newspaper clipping of the case as well.

The Missing Raj Dhiman

The Missing
Raj Kumar Dhiman
Case #: 2006-01091
Morris County

Raj Dhiman was 46 years old when he was last seen August 23, 2006 at the Regency House Hotel in Pequannock, Morris County, NJ. He was wearing a white button down shirt, dark pants and black shoes. He is an Indian/Asian male, 5’05” in height, 170 lbs, with black hair, brown eyes and an olive complexion. His date of birth is January 20, 1960.

If you have any further information, please contact the Pequannock Township Police Department at 973-835-1700.

Sources: Raj does not have a NamUs page.

The Nameless Hudson County Pt 5

The Nameless
Ashleigh Sommers
Unidentified in NJ

I will be posting my lists of unidentified persons in my own order of choice, continuing with an area of New Jersey called Hudson County. (Part 5)

I am doing this to promote awareness of small town Doe’s that do not receive nearly enough media attention. 

All of my information came from: 

Unidentified Deceased White Male
Case #: 93077H
NIC #: U665399515
Body found on August 3, 1993
Estimated date of death: July 21, 1993
Estimated year of birth: 1940-1950
Sex: Male
Race: White
Height: 5’8-5’11”
Weight: 140-180 lbs
Hair: Unknown
Eye color: Unknown
Scars, marks, tattoos: Unknown
Clothing: The victim was found wearing Lee Rider blue jeans, a t-shirt with red letters and numbers, and black high-top cowboy boots with a zipper.
Circumstances: The victim’s remains were found laying in a field on August 3, 1993. The field was located in Jersey City, Hudson County, NJ. 
Full x-rays and dental records are available for comparison. 
No photos are available.


Unidentified Deceased Black Male
Case #: D03093241
NIC #: U666976636
Body found on August 11, 1993
Estimated date of death: June 1, 1993
Estimated year of birth: 1948-1958
Sex: Male
Race: Black
Height: 5’7-5’10”
Weight: 150-175 lbs.
Hair: Black
Eye color: Unknown
Scars, marks, tattoos: The victim had a healed distal fracture of the tibia in the lower right leg.
Clothing: The victim was found wearing women’s size 12 Jordache brand blue jeans, a blue short-sleeved dress shirt with the logo “Marriot Host” on the left sleeve, green Vans plain style tennis shoes, and bikini style underwear. 
Jewelry: The victim was found wearing black rosary beads, a gold neck chain with a gold crucifix on it, a string type necklace with leather squares that say “Amor” (love) and “Paz” (peace), a green charm pouch containing seeds, and a black and white “Suizo Quartz” sweep hand wristwatch.
Other: He was carrying two Toyota keys with a “Commando Car Service” keychain.
Circumstances: The victim’s remains were recovered on August 11, 1993 off of the NJ Turnpike in Hudson County, NJ.
Full X-rays and dental records are available for comparison.


Unidentified Deceased Male
Case #: 96-25549
NIC #: U930722253
Body found on May 10, 1996
Estimated date of death: Unknown
Estimated year of birth: Unknown
Sex: Male
Race: Unknown
Height: 5’11- 6’3”
Weight: Unknown
Hair: Unknown
Eye color: Unknown
Scars, marks, tattoos: None 
Clothing: The foot portion of the leg was clad in a white sock.
Circumstances: On May 10, 1996 the left leg of a male washed up on the shore in Bayonne, New Jersey. The leg was found off 30 Hook Road at the foot of 32nd and 33rd streets, between Military Ocean Terminal and Hook Road behind the Recycling Plant.
X-rays are available for comparison.
No photos are available.


Unidentified Deceased Female Infant
Case #: 98-026H
NIC #: U107223801
Body found on March 15, 1998
Estimated date of death: March 15, 1998
Estimated year of birth: 1998
Sex: Female
Race: Unknown
Height: 1’6-1’10”
Weight: 2-3 lbs
Hair: Black
Eye color: Brown
Scars, marks, tattoos: None
Clothing: None
Circumstances: On March 15, 1998, a newborn infant was found in Jersey
City, Hudson County, NJ.
Full X-rays are available for comparison.
No photos are available.


Unidentified Deceased Black Male
Case #: 98-035
NIC #: U118804125
Body found on April 14, 1998
Estimated date of death: February 1, 1998
Estimated year of birth: 1963-1968
Sex: Male
Race: Black
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Hair: Unknown
Eye color: Unknown
Scars, marks, tattoos: Unknown
Clothing: The victim was found wearing a low top “Landrover” brand boot size 11.5.
Circumstances: The victim’s skeletal remains were found on April 14, 1998 in Hudson County.
Full X-rays and dental records are available for comparison.
No photos are available.


Unidentified Deceased Black Male
Case #: 00004318
NIC #: U200001028Body found on January 24, 2000
Estimated date of death: January 24, 2000
Estimated year of birth: 1949-1951
Sex: Male
Race: Black
Height: 5’5-5’7”
Weight: 200-205 lbs
Hair: Black
Eye color: Brown
Scars, marks, tattoos: The male had a scar on his right forearm. He also had old scars on his chin and knees.
Clothing: The male  was found wearing a black jacket, red sweatpants and a black sweatshirt.
Other: It is believed that this man was homeless. He was known as Bob. His hair was mostly gray and he had a receding hairline. He also had a moustache and a beard.
Circumstances: The male was found on January 24, 2000 in North Bergen Township, Hudson County, NJ.
Full X-rays, fingerprints and dental records are available for comparison.
No photos available.


If you have any information about these cases or the identification of these individuals, please contact:

The New Jersey State Police at 1-800-709-7090.

The Missing Carla Vincentini

The Missing
Carla Vicentini
Case#: 06014648
Essex County

Carla Vicentini was 22 years old when she was last seen leaving the Adega Bar & Grill located on Ferry Street in Newark, New Jersey on February 10, 2006 at 2:30 in the morning. She may have been intoxicated and may have been with a white male named “Antonio.” He was described as being in his thirties, 5’8” and 200 lbs with blue eyes, short salt and pepper hair and an unshaved beard, wearing a black t-shirt. Carla struck up a conversation with the man as she was in the bar with her friend/roommate that she had just moved in with. Carla told her friend that she was going outside to the man’s car to view a photograph and to talk. The friend told her she would meet her at home. She has not been seen since. Carla is a white female, 5’07”, 140 lbs with blonde hair and brown eyes. She was born in the country of Brazil, coming to the United States on January 19, 2006 as an exchange student on a Cultural Exchange Program. She was planning on staying for a few months. She saved up her money to come to the U.S and she was very happy about the opportunity. As part of this program, Carla was assigned to work at a White Castle restaurant and live in a small motel room with several other women in the program, but she became unhappy with the arrangement, so she then moved out and changed jobs. She was an engineering student at the time she went missing, newly living with her friend in Newark’s Ironbound neighborhood, and had just started a job at the Mediterranean Manor.
She was last seen wearing a white sleeveless shirt, a blue Hugo Boss brand jacket, a Mormaii sports wristwatch on her left wrist, a large silver ring on her ring finger and two silver rope necklaces, one with a pedant, blue or white jeans and high-heeled brown ankle boots. She has multiple body piercings, including a silver ball in her navel, a silver ball in her tongue, several ear piercings, and many tattoos including a tribal design on her lower back, a tattoo of a tiger on her stomach, a red and yellow chameleon on her left hip, and a tattoo of a gray angel on her back. Her case is classified as a kidnapping. She has previously fractured the right side of her collar bone. Her nickname is Carlinha. The man “Antonio” has not been identified, he and Carla were seen “drinking and talking” before leaving together, which is unusual because her native language is Brazilian Portuguese and she speaks limited English, but this man was reported to not speak Portuguese. He appeared “quiet and sullen.” He is considered a person of interest. 
It is believed that Carla had made it back to her residence on Ferry Street, which is near the restaurant she was last seen at, because her jacket, wallet and passport were found there. But there were no other signs of where Carla had gone afterwards.
Several days after Carla went missing, someone called her boss’s cell phone and screamed for help. This caller had not been identified and it is unclear whether the call was related to the case.
Carla’s mother believes she was murdered since she never went more than a couple of days without getting in touch with her family. She stated that someone destroyed Carla’s dream of getting the chance to know a different country.

This is a sketch of the man last seen with Carla.

Her case remains unsolved.

If you have any further information, please contact the Newark Police Department at 973-733-4336.


The Missing Amena El Sayed

The Missing
Amena El Sayed
Case #: 06-950
Essex County

(age progression)

Amena El Sayed was 3 years old when she was last seen on January 22, 2006. She was abducted by her non-custodial father, Mohammed El Sayed from South Orange, New Jersey. Mohammed has a felony warrant that was issued on January 24, 2006, and an FBI warrant for unlawful flight to avoid prosecution was issued for him on September 13, 2006. He is 5’4” in height, 170 lbs, black hair, brown eyes. His birthday is December 27, 1967. He has a scar on the tip of his index finger. He may use the last name El Seyed or Elseyed. They are both believed to have left the country and traveled to Egypt or Saudi Arabia. The child’s whereabouts are unknown. 

If you have any further information, please contact the South Orange Police Department at 973-763-3000.


The Missing Beata Rembisz

The Missing
Beata Rembisz
Case #: 05092130
Middlesex County

Beata Rembisz was last seen at her residence in Woodbridge, New Jersey on November 27, 2005. She packed her bags and left her house and has not been seen since. Beata was in the United States on a visitation Visa from Poland. The Visa expired in 2006. Beata is a white female, 5’05” in height, 150 lbs, Sandy colored hair and green eyes with a fair complexion. 

If you have any further information, please contact the Woodbridge Police Department at 732-634-7700.


(This websleuths article is not about Beata but there is chatter about her in the comments and one person named Karolina who claims to be her daughter.)

The Missing Robert Dornbach

The Missing
Robert William Dornbach
Case #: 05-0295451
Camden County

(Age progression to 29)

(Age progression photo)

   Robert William Dornbach, better known as “Bobby,” was 17 years old when he was last seen at his family’s residence at 217 Cumberland Street in Gloucester City, New Jersey on November 27, 2005. He invited his girlfriend over for dinner, and he told his mother he was going out to get a pizza and would be back in 20 minutes, but he did not return. 
At the time of his disappearance, Bobby was on probation for an unspecified offence, however on a different site it was stated that he may have been involved in Controlled Dangerous Substances. He was also suspended from school for missing classes at the time.
 Robert is a white male, 5’08” in height, 150-170 lbs, brown hair and brown eyes. He has a scar on his right knee, a tattoo of “D BACH” on his left arm, a tattoo of a cross on his ankle and a pierced lower lip. He wears a silver necklace. He has relatives in the Atlantic City area. 
His mother claims it is uncharacteristic of him to be out of touch with his family for so long, she seems to think Bobby met with someone who caused his disappearance and she is fairly certain he is deceased. She is still hoping for answers as to what happened to her son. 

If you have any further information, please contact the Gloucester City Police Department at 856-456-0900.


The Missing Jamie Seymour

The Missing
Jamie Diane Seymour
Case #: 2005-46160
Ocean County

Jamie Diane Seymour was 21 years old when she was last seen in Brick Township, New Jersey on July 22, 2005. She had moved out of her Jackson Township residence and was drifting from place to place. On July 22, she called her father and said she was heading to the Port Authority New York area. She has not been heard from since. Jamie’s father reported her missing on August 8. There has been some talk of the Long Island Serial Killer possibly being connected to this case on Websleuths, but there are no solid leads. According to Jamie’s sister, at the time of her disappearance, Jamie had a large lump on the left side of her neck due to thyroid issues. She needed surgery to have it removed at the time she vanished. Jamie also dyed her hair a lot, some colors include black, brown, and blonde. In 2013, her sister confirmed that the Brielle, NJ Jane doe ( ) is NOT Jamie and her name has been added to the Doe’s exclusion list. 

If you have any further information, please contact the Brick Township Police Department at 732-262-1100.


The Murdered Carol Hill

The Murdered
Carol Hill
Cape May County, New Jersey

Carol Hill was 20 years old living at 2013 East Sergeant Street, Kensington, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, when she decided to take a trip to the New Jersey Shore in June of 1970. On June 7, she was found raped and murdered under the roller coaster on Hunt’s Pier at the Wildwood Boardwalk in Wildwood, New Jersey. She was found face up, strangled to death. The time of her discovery was 12:20 A.M. by the Wildwood Police Department while on routine patrol. They were scanning the area under the pier, known as “Lovers Lane” with a spotlight when Carol was discovered. Authorities said Carol had been struck by a heavy object on the left eye, with sand all over her face and in her mouth. Her head was pushed into the moist sand beneath her, and her arms, legs and neck were badly bruised. She also had bite marks on her neck. Carol was wearing a white short sleeved shirt and a skirt that had been pulled up around her waist, and her underpants were partially torn off. Investigators stated the motive was not robbery because she was found with a diamond ring on her right hand. Carol’s ultimate cause of death was “ligature strangulation and asphyxiation by sand stuffed into her mouth.”
About 90 feet from the body, a woman’s handbag was found filled with sand. It was carefully emptied and there were also two small pills of unknown origin inside. Working under a spotlight, the police screened scoop after scoop of sand from all around Carol’s body, and came across two more pills of the same size and type as the ones found in her handbag. They also came across a Public Service Stub and a baggage claims check in the area. The check led to a locker in the Public Service terminal and inside it they found a suitcase containing clothing and more of those same pills in a bottle containing a physician’s name. The physician was contacted about the pills and given a description of the murdered woman. Which is when he provided the name of Carol Hill, one of his patients. Police contacted Carol’s home and learned that she had yet to return from her Wildwood trip. Her father Carl was then notified and taken to the hospital where he positively identified her body. 
The Last contact Carol had with anyone was at the Bolero Bar at 3320 Atlantic Avenue, where she was seen speaking to an unknown male at approximately 9:00 P.M. This male was said to be slender looking, about 22-24 years old, 5’7” in height, with light brown hair, 150-160 pounds. 
There have been few suspects in Carol’s case, including the infamous Richard Cottingham, a serial killer that targeted young women in New York and New Jersey in the 1970’s -1980’s. Unfortunately, there have not been any solid leads to link him to Carol’s murder.
At the time, 2 men were taken into custody and admitted to driving Carol Hill to Wildwood, but they were cleared of any connection with her slaying. Their names are Wilburt Lauer and Robert Goodwin, and both men stated in separate interviews that they drove Carol Hill to the boardwalk, and dropped her off. Then they returned to Philadelphia where they remained until they were brought in for questioning. Both men have denied and involvement in the murder and no charges were filed against them.
There was a news article written around the time, stating police would like to speak to 2 other men who lived and worked in the Wildwood area who were heard saying that they knew the victim after she was found. Whether or not these men were ever located is unknown.
There was also interest in a 3rd male who was brought to attention by 2 Coast Guardsmen. They told police they had talked to a man in a local bar about a month prior and that he had told them he liked to “beat up girls and rip their underclothes.” The coast guardsmen thought little of his story until they read the details of Carol’s murder. Unfortunately, that man has not been identified either. 

Carol Hill’s brutal rape and murder remains unsolved.

If you have any further information, please contact the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office Major Crimes Unit at 609-465-1135 or you can contact the tip line at 609-463-5323.


The Murdered Joyce Coleman

The Murdered 
Joyce Coleman
Morris County, NJ

Joyce Coleman was 28 years old living with her husband and her 14 month old son at 245 Bartley Road, Long Valley, Washington Township, Morris County, New Jersey. They had been residing there for the past two years. Joyce was six months pregnant with the couple’s second child. Her husband, Wayne Coleman worked as a supervisor for the Charter Bulk Service in Newark. On February 28, 1970, (some sources state it was the 27th,) upon returning home from a long day at 1:45 A.M, Wayne found his wife battered and sprawled out on the floor of the basement recreation room in their home. According to police, Wayne stated that his wife failed to answer the phone when he called from work shortly before leaving his job. Mr. Coleman found every room in his house ransacked except for his son’s bedroom, and his son was completely unharmed. He also discovered four of his shotguns, one rifle, a quantity of ammunition and two cameras were missing. Wayne was an avid skeet shooter.
Upon inspection of the home by police, they found no signs of forced entry. The Morris County Medical Examiner ruled Joyce’s cause of death; “multiple blunt injuries to the head, face and neck.” One unusual thing that was found, Joyce had cuts on her neck that were done post-mortem. 
Ultimately, the case was ruled a homicide and Joyce Coleman’s killer remains unknown.

If you have any further information, please contact the Morris County Sheriff’s office at 973-285-6610.

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