The Nameless Sussex County

Unidentified in NJ
I will be posting my lists of unidentified persons in my own order of choice, starting with a small area that I am familiar with, an area of New Jersey called Sussex County.
I am doing this to promote awareness of small town Doe’s that do not receive nearly enough media attention.
All of my information came from:
Unidentified Deceased White Female
Case #: H208028
NIC #: U640825556
Body found on June 24,1980
Estimated date of death: January 1, 1975
Estimated year of birth: 1958-1962
Sex: Female
Race: White with some other unknown nationality
Height: anywhere from 5’2 to 5’8
Weight: unknown
Hair: originally brown, dyed blonde
Eye color: unknown
Scars, marks, tattoos: unknown
Dental: Teeth are in good condition. Some teeth have a star shaped molar crevice pattern. Full x-ray and dental records are available for comparison.
The victim’s skeletal remains were found on June 24, 1980. The bones were discovered in North New Jersey within five (5) miles of Route 84 (East to West).
There are no photos available of this Jane Doe.

Unidentified Deceased White Male
Case #: 94-1554
NIC #: U728440673
Body found on February 27th 1994
Estimated date of death: February 27th 1994
Estimated year of birth: 1994
Sex: Male
Race: Caucasian
Height: 1’8-1’10
Weight: 7lbs.
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Scars, Marks, Tattoos: unknown
Full X-rays are available for comparison.
There are no photos available.
The newborn was found on February 27th, 1994 in Vernon, Sussex County, NJ

Unidentified Deceased White Male
Case#: 97-3822
NIC #: 015129289
Body Found on April 6th 1997
Estimated date of death: unknown
Estimated date of birth: 1927-1947
Sex: Male
Race: Caucasian
Height: 5’5-5’8
Weight: 190-240lbs
Hair: Sandy
Eyes: unknown
Scars, Marks, Tattoos: unknown
Clothing: The male was found wearing gray Dockers (size 44 x 30,) a blue plaid shirt, and “Spalding” sneakers (size 9.5)
Other: The male had arthritis and an upper denture was present
Full X-rays and dental records are available for comparison.

Notes: I find it strange that there are only 3 unidentified bodies in this county. This area is full of woods and hunting grounds, and for those reasons I assumed I was going to find more. I did some traveling to Middletown NY, which is close to Rt 84 where the Jane Doe was found. Full of woods and lots of wildlife.

If you have any information about these cases or the identification of these individuals, please contact:
The New Jersey State Police at 1-800-709-7090.

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