The Murdered Alys Eberhardt

NJ Cold Case
Alys Jean Eberhardt
Saddle River Road, Fair Lawn, Bergen County, NJ
Alys Jean Eberhardt, an 18 year old student nurse was last seen leaving the dormitories at Hackensack Hospital School of Nursing at 2:30pm to go to her home at 3-34 Saddle River Road Fairlawn, on Friday, September 24th, 1965. When her father returned to the home at 5:30pm, he walked into a gruesome scene. He found Alys in the living room, lying on her back, with an 18-inch kitchen knife protruding from her neck. She had a fractured skull on both sides of her head, and a total of 61 post-mortem stab wounds to the neck and chest. Her white shirt and bra was pushed up around her neck, she was nude to the waist. A souvenir letter opener dagger was left at the scene on the floor in between her legs. No penetrative rape had been reported.
Alys’ ultimate cause of death was a double skull fracture with a blunt object to the left and right side of the head.
According to reports, the attack started in the bedroom upstairs and progressed down the stairs into the living room. There was no sign of forced entry into the home. She was murdered between 4:15 and 5:15pm.
The unique, curved dagger left at the scene turned out to be a four-inch souvenir from the Jordan Pavilion at New York World’s Fair in 1964 to 1965. There were only one thousand
daggers made and sold, between the fair and in New York City at a place called the House of Jordan Store, located on 38th Street and Third Avenue and the Acropolis 44th Street and Eighth Avenue. The sheath for said dagger was never found.
Her murder hasn’t been solved. Below I placed a picture of Alys.

I also found a video of the “Jordan’s Pavilion at New York World’s Fair in 1964” which is one of the places the dagger was sold:

Here is a photo of the Jordans Pavilion:

Source of Photo:
Source of information:

If you have any information about this case, please contact the Bergen County Sheriff’s Office at (201)-336-3500.

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