The Missing Bonita Krummel

The Missing
Bonita Krummel
Case #:2866DFNJ
County: Burlington

Bonita “Bonnie” Louise Krummel was 44 years old, living in Medford, Burlington County, New Jersey when she went missing on January 23, 1991. She is Caucasian, brown hair and blue eyes, her height and weight are 5’1, and 103 pounds, last seen wearing a dark gray and white tweed jacket, an off-white or cream colored sweatshirt, maroon corduroy pants, L.A Gear sneakers and a gold heart necklace. Her ears are pierced and she has a scar on her abdomen from an appendix removal, and she also had a healed fractured right forearm. Bonnie suffers from Huntington’s Disease, a degenerative genetic condition that causes uncontrollable random movements, loss of muscle control, impaired cognitive abilities, mental illness and eventual death. She had this disease for seven years by the time she disappeared, and was also suffering from insomnia and difficulty swallowing in 1991. She was taking medications to slow the progress of the illness, since Huntington’s is incurable.
Bonita was last seen leaving her home on Hadley Drive in Medford on January 23, 1991. She told her family that she would be back in time for dinner, but she never returned and hasn’t been heard from since. Her husband reported her missing at 9:30 p.m. The very next day, her vehicle was parked at the Pinelands Library on South Main Street, which is approx. 5 miles from where she resided. Bonita’s keys, I.D, purse, credit cards, money, watch and wedding ring were left inside the car, along with a note that stated “I am sorry that it had to come to this but I can’t go on another minute. Love you all. Bonnie.”
Search dogs tracked her scent to a nearby lake, however her sister did not believe she would have drowned herself because Bonnie knew how to swim and she didn’t like to get dirty. (I am not sure whether or not the lake was ever searched by a dive team.) Bonita’s family does believe however, that she left on her own to spare them from having to watch her die slowly from her Huntington’s Disease, and it is also of note that several of Bonnie’s family members including her mother had passed away from the same illness.
Authorities are unsure what happened to her, but they don’t believe foul play was involved.
Her case remains unsolved.

If you have any information about Bonita, please contact the Medford Township Police
Department at 609-654-7511


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