The Missing Darlene DeWolff Polizzi

The Missing
Darlene DeWolff Polizzi
Case #: MP18331 (NamUs)
County: Bergen

Darlene DeWolff Polizzi was 19 years old when she went missing on Monday, April 24, 1967. She was a waitress at the Hangar Restaurant in Paramus, NJ. She was last seen at her home at the 400 block of Westminster Place in Lodi, Bergen County, New Jersey. Darlene has reddish-brown hair and brown eyes, 5’3”, and weighing only 100 pounds. She was wearing a brown blouse and a skirt with polka dots, along with a brown suede coat with a fur collar. Darlene was a regular at Tommy’s Diner on Paterson Avenue in Wallington, New Jersey.
According to her husband, (whose name I have not been able to find)  the couple were looking to move, so Darlene accompanied him to look at new apartments that day. After looking at three, they returned to their residence. At some point later, Darlene’s husband went out again, by himself, leaving his wife at home. When he returned, she was gone. She has never been heard from again. Darlene’s husband reported her missing the next day, April 25.
It was determined that Darlene had taken several clothing items with her, but she left behind the rest of her personal belongings, including her jewelry. Police did not have Darlene’s DNA until they obtained it from the last surviving sister, who passed away in 2016. 
Most of Darlene’s family members passed away, not knowing what happened to her. Her nieces are still continuing to look for their beloved “Aunt DeeDee.” 

Photo of the main suspect, Raymond Alves, a serial killer that was active in the area at the time, he was convicted of raping a teenage girl in Fair Lawn and pushing another teenage girl off a bridge in Clifton in 1976. A year later in 1967, he ended up living in Darlene’s neighborhood, and he actually worked with her husband at a sheet metal plant, and Darlene was friends with Raymond’s wife. Suspiciously, the Alves family moved away the day after Darlene disappeared. Raymond has not been officially connected to the disappearance. He eventually served 23 years of a 47 year sentence and was released in 2000. He is also suspected of the murders of 7 different teenage females whose bodies were found in Bergen County, NJ. He claims he has raped and killed more than a dozen women. 

If you have any additional information, please contact The Bergen County Prosecutor’s Office, Lt Carmen Martino, at 201-226-5653.


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  1. Hi Darlene DeWolff is my Aunt, I was in my Mom’s belly when she went missing and in May I was born and 54 years later still no closure for the Family that is still left, just decided to look and see if anything has come up and found your sight….Dawn

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    1. Hi Dawn! Thank you for your comment! I cover a lot of cases in New Jersey and your beautiful aunt came up in my search. I hope by spreading the word, someone will have answers. hugs and love to you and your family!


    2. Hello Dawn! Please take a look at this case 1313UFCT – Unidentified Female

      You can find more details with name Ledyard. She used nicknames (aliases) Lorraine Stahl, Connie and Sandy.

      I can give more information on this case if needed. I think, that unknown female was Darlene Polizzi. Please, write back to me for more information. There are too many similarities and clues to Darlene’s disappearance in the case of an unknown woman.

      Do hope this helps you. Blessings!

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    3. Hello Dawn! Have you received my message involving in Darlene’s disappearance? I learned how this site works. Read my previous writings. Do you recognize Darlene’s grandmother’s class ring from 1917? Do you have any information about where she lived at the time and what school she attended? Thanks for your all information in advance. Regards, Sari

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