The Missing Robin Trivisonno

The Missing
Robin D. Trivisonno
Case #: 97-1485
County: Monmouth

Robin D. Trivisonno was a 28 year old mother of three living in Ventnor, New Jersey, when she went missing in January of 1997. Robin was raised in Pine Hill, NJ. In 1994, after separating from her husband, she began working as a dancer for a place called Heartbreakers on Route 35 in Neptune Township, which is about an hour from her home. Robin had been struggling to pay for her schooling and supporting her kids. At the go-go bar, Robin was known as “Toni”. The only other person that knew of her endeavors was her mother, and she had been sworn into secrecy, Robin’s mother said that Robin “hated dancing at the go-go bar with a passion.” She worked at the bar for two years, then quit to become a nurse and had been attending Atlantic Cape Community College to fulfill her ambition. However, the night she disappeared, Robin came to the bar to visit former co-workers, and stayed there for several hours talking to them. Robin had started asking around for a ride to Delilah’s Den in South Amboy, where “a friend of hers worked as a DJ.” Robin was last seen exiting Heartbreakers Go-Go Bar on January 19, 1997. (some sources say Jan 20.) She was reportedly intoxicated and left with an unidentified Caucasian male.
Robin is a white female, 5’02 inches tall, weighing 105 lbs, brown hair, hazel eyes. She was wearing a waist-length brown coat and a leather hair barrette with a wooden pin, and according to the Doe Network, she also had on 18k gold and silver earrings and a Cartier watch. She has a scar on her right eyelid. At least two of her teeth are capped. She may wear glasses, and she was wearing press-on nails at the time.

-Composite sketch of the man Robin was seen leaving with on the night of her disappearance. 

The unidentified man that Robin was seen leaving with was described by witnesses as appearing well-groomed with shoulder length, wavy, light brown hair (some sources say dark brown hair) and blue eyes. He was in his 30’s and stood at approx. 5’8-5’9”, about 180 lbs. It was also stated that the man had a tan and nice looking teeth. This man, along with Robin, have never been seen again. 
Robin’s black 1994 Jeep Cherokee was discovered abandoned in a handicap parking spot in the Heartbreaker’s parking lot the day after her disappearance. Then, four months after she went missing, 40 miles from where she was last seen, Robin’s purse, wallet (with $500 cash still inside it) and jacket were found in a wooded area behind a fence in the back of Delilah’s Den in Perth Amboy, NJ, which is where Robin was headed that night. However, no one at Delilah’s Den ended up telling police they saw her there the night she disappeared. 
After Robin’s disappearance, her three sons were raised by her estranged husband. Foul play is suspected, her family believes she is deceased. Her case is being investigated as a homicide.

If you have any information, please contact the NJ State Police at 609-882-2000

Note: I am posting this link here, but i can’t confirm a bunch of the info that is written. I am sharing it with you guys because there are some very interesting comments on the bottom.


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