The Missing Jamie Seymour

The Missing
Jamie Diane Seymour
Case #: 2005-46160
Ocean County

Jamie Diane Seymour was 21 years old when she was last seen in Brick Township, New Jersey on July 22, 2005. She had moved out of her Jackson Township residence and was drifting from place to place. On July 22, she called her father and said she was heading to the Port Authority New York area. She has not been heard from since. Jamie’s father reported her missing on August 8. There has been some talk of the Long Island Serial Killer possibly being connected to this case on Websleuths, but there are no solid leads. According to Jamie’s sister, at the time of her disappearance, Jamie had a large lump on the left side of her neck due to thyroid issues. She needed surgery to have it removed at the time she vanished. Jamie also dyed her hair a lot, some colors include black, brown, and blonde. In 2013, her sister confirmed that the Brielle, NJ Jane doe ( ) is NOT Jamie and her name has been added to the Doe’s exclusion list. 

If you have any further information, please contact the Brick Township Police Department at 732-262-1100.


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