The Missing George Wright Bugher

The Missing
George Wright Bugher
Elizabeth, New Jersey

George Bugher was 38 years old when he was last seen on July 8, 1964 at “Hand Hardware Store” by some business associates at around 7 p.m. The store was located at 335-337 East Jersey Street, Elizabeth NJ. George was the President of the Hand Hardware Company and was reportedly going through financial hardship at the time of his disappearance. 
George reportedly spent that day attempting to secure financial help for his failing business, before calling his wife at 6 p.m. to tell her he would be home late. He was never heard from again.
A man named Robert Ferris who was the manager of the hardware store at the time, opened up shop the next morning and found George’s office in a state of disarray; clothing and other possessions were scattered around the floor. Robert noticed there were two office safes left open, and a cash box that contained over $600 was missing. He promptly notified authorities of the situation. 
After an investigation, it is quoted that “part” of Mr. Bugher’s wallet was found at the store underneath one of the safes, along with his drivers license, and $17 in cash. George’s blue and white 1954 Chevrolet sedan was missing initially, but two days later it was located abandoned in the neighboring city of Newark, NJ along with the empty cash box inside of it. The vehicle was parked at the intersection of Chapel Street and Fleming Avenue. According to police, there was no evidence of violence in the car, and the only other things found were four pennies and some old receipts.
George is described as 5’6” with dark hair. He wears glasses and was last seen dressed in a raincoat, a white shirt and tie and gray trousers.
Interestingly, there is a discussion of the possibility of George being the infamous “D.B Cooper” on Reddit, however it is only a theory. I don’t consider the site a source, but the link is listed below for your curiosity. 
There are no new leads in George’s disappearance. What became of him still remains a mystery. 

If you have any further information, please contact the Elizabeth Police Department at 908-558-2000.


D.B Cooper Reddit discussion:


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