The Murdered Janet Ipsaro Adams

The Murdered 
NJ Cold Case
Janet Ipsaro Adams
Paramus, Bergen County, NJ

Janet Ipsaro Adams was a quiet and introverted 18 year old woman living in Paramus with her new husband of just 2 days, Brian Adams, in a second story garage apartment at 329 E. Midland Avenue in 1966. The couple had only been together for about 5 weeks in total before they had a simple wedding ceremony on Saturday, April 12th in their attorney’s home. After the wedding they had a reception in their newly rented 3-room apartment that lasted all night and into Sunday morning. There was some indication of LSD being used at this after-party, but there was not enough information on whether or not Janet and Brian were the narcotics users, or it was guests at the party.
On Monday at about 8:00AM, Brian went to work. At around 1:15PM, Janet walked 2 blocks from her home to a shopping center and bought some household items. That was the last time she was seen alive.
Janet’s nude and beaten body was found on the bathroom floor of her new home 3 hours later with her husband’s red and green necktie around her throat and a pair of 4 inch scissors plunged into her heart.
It was about 4PM when Arnold Goldberg, the landlord, discovered Janet. He said he had entered the apartment after knocking and getting no answer, to make repairs on a door. Once he saw the body he called the police. A new yellow plastic pail and two new mops were neatly placed next to a dresser nearby to the bathroom.
Janet’s death was caused by strangulation and not the scissors in her chest. 
Officials said they could not rule out the possibility of a sexual motive, but there were no indications of rape in the autopsy. It also seems she attempted to fight off her attacker. 
Looking into Janet’s past, she never really had a home, and was a high school drop out who had trouble fitting in with society. She had foster parents, Mr. and Mrs. L.E Thibault of 27 Broad street, Emerson NJ, who took her in 3 years ago.
Police said Brian Adams was working as a mason/construction worker at the Marriott Motor Hotel in Saddle Brook. On the day of the murder, Brian came home to find the police investigating his wife’s death. Brian was questioned for more than 4 hours when it was announced that he is not a suspect in the murder, however Brian Adams does have a record.  He had been arrested several times, twice on charges of hitting police chiefs. One resulted in a conviction, the other, acquittal. 
Police believe the murderer is someone Janet knew. About 30 people that attended the after party were questioned and released. 
Janets murder remains unsolved.

Anyone with information about this case is urged to contact the Paramus Police Department at 201-262-3400 x1369.


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