The Missing Lisa Bacote

The Missing
Lisa Bacote
Case #: 9426333
County: East Orange

Lisa Bacote was a 35 year old woman living on North Maple Avenue in East Orange, New Jersey. She was last seen leaving her family’s home to go visit a friend at South 6th Street in Newark on May 18, 1994. She was wearing a red short jacket, blue jeans and white sneakers. She has partial upper dentures and has a partial plate. She has pierced ears. She had a previous operation on her 2nd/3rd toes on one foot. She wears eyeglasses. Lisa had previously left home without warning, but she returned after two days. Following her May disappearance, she was never heard from again. 
Lisa is a black female, her birthday is July 30, 1958. She is 5’4” and 165 lbs. Black hair, brown eyes, medium complexion. Lisa suffers from bipolar disorder and requires medication to control her condition. She did take her medication with her when she vanished. She frequently hitchhiked on Central Avenue in East Orange. Her case remains unsolved. 

If you have any information about this person, please contact the East Orange Police Department at 973-266-5000.

Side note, there is one additional photo that was put on Lisa’s Charley Project page. It was updated in April of 2020 but I don’t personally see any kind of resemblance and I don’t believe this picture is of Lisa. There is no other context with the photo and I haven’t been able to find any other places in which this picture was posted. Of course I could be wrong. I will provide the photo below. What do you think? Completely different nose shape, face shape and the shape of her lips as well. Even her eyebrow shape doesn’t match.

I also tried to find Lisa on NamUs because it is listed as a source on the Charley Project page but when I typed her name in, no results came up. 


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