The Missing Lisa Ann Schmidt

The Missing
Lisa Ann Schmidt
Case #: 94-9918
County: Hudson

   Lisa Ann Schmidt was a 23 year old Caucasian woman that was last seen on Sunday, October 2, 1994 at her home on North 2nd Street in Harrison, Hudson County, New Jersey. She left on foot, at around 2:00PM,(weirdly, without a jacket) to walk to a K-Mart in Kearny on Passaic Avenue. She needed to make a layaway payment on an item, but she never returned home and has not been heard from since. She left her 3 year old son in the care of her mother when she left her home. Surveillance footage at the K-Mart shows Lisa never made it to the store. 
Lisa was last seen wearing a black shirt with blue jeans, black fringed suede boots, a yellow gold crucifix on a gold neck chain and was also wearing several rings including a silver toned happy face ring. With her she was carrying a small change purse with a photo ID and enough money to pay off her layaway. She’s 5’8”, 140 lbs, brown hair with red highlights, with brown eyes and a light complexion. Lisa was only 23 years old. (Doe network states she was 5’6”-5’8” and 109-119 lbs. Not sure which is accurate.) Lisa also has a slight dental overbite, a concave sternum and a possible medical history of a broken leg. Her ears are pierced.
Inside her home, Lisa left $600 in her dresser drawer. Everyone close to Lisa was questioned and cadaver dogs were also sent out, but no leads were ever found.

If you have any information, please contact the Harrison Police Department at 973-483-4100.


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