The Missing Joan Conetta

The Missing
Joan E. Conetta
Case #: 2012-1171
Ocean County

Joan Conetta was 74 years old when she was last seen on June 10, 2012 leaving her residence on foot in Whiting, New Jersey. She was last seen wearing a grey sweat suit. Joan is a white female, 5’01”- 5’03” in height, 100-120 lbs. with gray hair and hazel eyes. She also wears reading glasses. Her date of birth is listed as 09/20/1937.  It is believed that she left her home with her .22 caliber Beretta handgun and $7,000 cash.
There has been no bank account activity since she disappeared.
Joan was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, and had her car taken from her by concerned family members after she had once been found wandering alone by the police. This was a recent occurrence and she had no previous history of leaving for an extended period of time.  
The woods behind her home were searched with police dogs, which yielded nothing.
5 days after she had been reported missing, there was a sighting reported of Joan walking along Route 530 on the day she went missing. 
There have been no confirmed sightings since.

If you have any further information, please contact the Manchester Township Police Department at 732-657-6111.


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