The Missing Isabella Pastrana

The Missing
Isabella Mia Pastrana
Case #: (NCMEC) 55440 
Cape May County

Isabella Pastrana was 15 months old when she was last seen with her mother, 37 year old Holly Lynn Codario, leaving the Cape May County Courthouse at 11:00 p.m on January 13, 2003. Isabella has brown hair and brown eyes, was 2 feet 6 inches tall and 18 lbs at the time of her disappearance. Isabella was last seen wearing “long underwear.”
On January 15, 2003, two days after the mother and daughter had last been seen, the Ocean City Police were alerted by a toll booth operator of an abandoned vehicle parked on the Ocean City-Longport bridge. It was a black Volkswagen Jetta and it was registered to Holly Codario. 
Upon inspection of the car, it was unlocked and in working condition. The lights were turned off, the keys were in the ignition, Holly’s purse and drivers license were on the passenger seat, and Isabella’s baby carrier was in the backseat. There were no indications of foul play.
Isabella’s father, Holly’s former boyfriend, provided an apartment for the mother and daughter in a gated complex on Delaire Landing Road in Northeast Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. They had shared custody of Isabella, but Holly was concerned that he or his family might try to fight to take the child away from her. She filed for sole custody and child support, but later withdrew both petitions. 
Holly was showing signs of paranoia at the time of her disappearance. She told people there were hidden cameras and listening devices in her apartment, and she previously went to two different hospitals and asked them to test her for poisons. She may have been suffering from postpartum depression.
Holly Codario’s body was found three months later on April 25, 2003 along the south shore of Great Egg Harbor Bay in the Beesley’s Point section of Upper Township, New Jersey. This was two miles west of the Ocean City-Longport Bridge where her car was abandoned. Holly’s cause of death was drowning, and authorities found no evidence of foul play in her death. Investigators believe Holly probably jumped from the bridge with Isabella in her arms, but no witnesses came forward, no suicide note was left behind.

Isabella Pastrana’s body has never been recovered.

If you have any further information, please contact the Cape May County Prosecutor’s Office at 609-465-1135, or 609-463-5323.


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