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The Missing Alex Zamora-Ramos

The Missing
Alex Harold Zamora-Ramos
Case #: 9090384
Hudson County

Alex Zamora-Ramos was last seen in July of 2009 when he moved out of his residence in Union City, New Jersey. His date of last contact with anyone is 8/1/2009. It is not listed whether this was a phone call, text, or otherwise. He is a hispanic male, 6 feet tall and 160 lbs, with black hair and black eyes. His date of birth is listed as 01/03/1969.

If you have any further information, please contact the Union City Police Department at 201-348-5790.


The Missing Julia Madsen

 The Missing
Julia Madsen
Case #: 091760089
Ocean County

Julia Madsen was 72 years old when she was last seen on Thursday, June 25, 2009 at approximately 7 p.m. at her beach house at 22nd Avenue in the South Seaside Park section of Berkeley Township, Ocean County, New Jersey. She left behind keys, her money and identification. She told her husband she was going for a walk on the beach and she never returned.
She was last seen wearing a pink shirt with white Capri pants and either white sneakers or brown leather shoes. She was also wearing a diamond engagement ring and wedding band, a silver watch on her right wrist, and a gold and silver bracelet on her left wrist. She is a white female, 5’6” in height and 175 lbs with light brown hair and brown eyes. She has moles on her nose and on her right temple, and her ears are pierced. Her knuckles are swollen from arthritis and she has bunions on her feet. Her date of birth is listed as 06/21/1937 and her nickname is “Julie.”
Julia’s official residence is in Clifton NJ, but she has a beach house where both her and her husband were staying at the time.
Search parties of hundreds walked up and down the beach, went door-to-door and combed through all 8 miles of vegetation in the wilderness of Island Beach State Park, looking for any signs of Julia. Nothing was found. Even with the assistance of tracking dogs, ATV’s, helicopters, boats and drones, there was no trace of Julia anywhere. The beach was also searched on horseback.
Relatives say that Julia was in the early stages of Alzheimer’s disease, but that doesn’t explain why they can’t find any trace of her. This was a recent diagnosis and Julia was still able to keep up a lively conversation, regardless of her occasional episodes of mild confusion and repetitiveness. Her family stated that she knew who she was, was still able to drive and had never gotten lost before.
When Julia didn’t return from her walk by 8:20 p.m, her husband Edward went outside to look for her. First in the backyard by the swimming pool and then up to the beach. When he still could not locate her, he got in his car and began driving around. Just before 9 p.m. he called the police. Around 20 officers searched the streets and beach, and by morning, a command post was set up at the top of the street and the search was expanded to include more officers and canines from the Ocean County Sheriff’s Department, along with another helicopter. They checked local motels for suspicious persons and known sex offenders.
Edward recalls his last moments with Julia, she first told him she was going for a walk on the beach. “I’ve got bad legs; I couldn’t walk on the beach.” Edward explained. “She kissed me, we said ‘I love you,’ like we always did, and then she took a walk.”
Edward and Julia were high school sweethearts who had just marked their 50th wedding anniversary just five days earlier, on June 20, 2009, and her 72nd birthday on June 21st. They headed to the shore to spend a week at their summer home. Another celebration for Edward’s 74th birthday was supposed to happen on June 26th, but it never came to fruition. 
Investigators initially thought Julia went in the water, but her family tells them that she wasn’t one to go swimming, plus she was fully clothed and her body did not wash up.
Her son believes she may have stumbled upon something she wasn’t supposed to see and disappeared as a result. Julia was legally declared dead five years after her disappearance. 
In 2015, a skull was found in the area and had undergone DNA testing, but it was determined that it was not a match to Julia. The same thing happened to the skeletal remains that were found in 2018 in the Colliers Mills Wildlife Management Area, not a match.
Police and witnesses say the beach was not crowded the night Julia vanished. It was determined that there were some surfers, and a family of four on the beach too, along with some fishermen and a few joggers. No one has ever come forward to say that they saw a woman in a pink blouse. 
Julia’s case remains unsolved.

If you have any further information please contact the Berkeley Township Police Department at 732-341-6600.


The Missing Wilfredo Marquez

The Missing
Wilfredo Ulises Marquez
Case #: 09-39994
Ocean County

Wilfredo Marquez was 28 years old when he was last seen in Lakewood Township New Jersey on June 15, 2009. He is a Hispanic male that is 5’03” and 135 lbs with black hair and brown eyes. His date of birth is listed as 8/11/1980 on NJSP, but his facebook page says his birthday is November 8, 1980. I am currently unsure which is correct.

There is very little information about him online. He used to have a charley project page but it has since been taken down. He is still uploaded on the NJSP website along with him still having a facebook page dedicated to him. 

Hopefully he has been located. – this is the old link to his charley project page. It no longer works.


The Missing Debra Feldman

The Missing
Debra J Feldman
Case #: 0907702
Bergen County

Debra Feldman was 48 years old when she was last seen at her apartment in Hackensack, New Jersey on April 8, 2009. None of her bank accounts have been used since then.
She is a white female, 5’1” in height, 112 lbs with blonde hair, dark roots and blue eyes, her date of birth is listed as 9/8/1960. 
Debra had a troubled life, being a prostitute and struggling with a drug addiction, she battled a lot of demons. Her son, Matthew, recalls his last conversation with his mother, telling her “If you’re not going to get clean, you have no room in my life.” He also stated, “But at the end of the day, she’s still my mother.” 
He last saw her in Little Ferry NJ, and she was desperate for money, demanding her son give her the recent $400 he had made from working at the local Wendy’s. She threatened to kill herself if she didn’t get the cash. Debra claimed it was for her rent. Against his better judgement, he gave her the money, because “that’s what family does.”
The FBI has said that Debra may be a victim of serial killer Israel Keyes, but he committed suicide in his jail cell in November of 2013, while being held on charges for an 18 year old barista from Alaska named Samantha Koenig. He was caught using her debit card in Texas. According to police, he left behind a trail of unanswered questions about his 11+ murders stretching across the USA from 2001 to 2012 when he was arrested. Israel Keyes was known for traveling between cities and states with his victims, often killing and burying them far from where he kidnapped them. 
The FBI also announced that they have several other reasons for believing that Israel Keyes is the culprit for Debra’s disappearance. The most compelling reason is what investigators saw as they interviewed Keyes when he was arrested in 2012, not long before he suddenly cut his wrist and passed away in the Alaskan jail. One by one, the agents slid photos of missing persons in front of his face, attempting to identify victims he would not name. Again and again, Keyes would say “nope” as he glanced at each photo. Once he came upon Debra’s image, he hesitated, then said, “I don’t want to talk about her yet.” 
In July of 2012, Keyes admitted to abducting a woman from an “East Coast state” on April 9th 2009, (just one day after Debra was last seen) before driving her to upstate New York where he killed and buried her in the Tupper Lake area. This woman was a drifter, a drug addict and a prostitute but he did not specifically identify her as being Debra. Authorities say that Keyes was known to frequent prostitutes. His other victims varied from male and female and ranged in age between late teens to elderly. He confessed to committing dozens of murders during his job as a traveling contractor, though there has only been solid proof of 11 of them.

To this date, Debra’s body has not been recovered. The FBI still believes the victim on April 9th was Debra. Unfortunately for all of the victim’s families, Keyes committed suicide so he could selfishly take the rest of his secrets to the grave. 

If you have any further information, please contact the Hackensack Police Department at 201-646-7777 or the FBI at 800-CALL-FBI.


The Missing Evelyn Vasquez

The Missing
Evelyn Vasquez
Case #: 09-7395
Hudson County

Evelyn Vasquez was 48 years old when she was last seen on or around February 4, 2009 in Jersey City, New Jersey. She informed a friend that she was going out, but she never returned. Evelyn has mental health issues and does need medication. She is a Hispanic female, date of birth listed as 6/18/1960. She is 5’03” and 160 lbs, with black curly hair and brown eyes. She has no teeth. Evelyn used to live in the Nashville, Tennessee area at one time.

If you have any further information, please contact the Jersey City Police Department at 201-547-5494.


The Missing Oscar and Samuel Garcia-Calles

The Missing
Oscar Giovanni Garcia-Calles & Samuel Esay Garcia-Calles
Case #: NK-117316
Essex County

Oscar Garcia-Calles and his brother Samuel Garcia-Calles were last seen together on January 8, 2009.They were last known to be traveling from El Salvador to Green Brook New Jersey. They may still be in the local area, or they both may have traveled to New York, California, Florida or Mexico. They are Hispanic males with black hair and brown eyes. Oscar has a scar on his hand. His date of birth is listed as March 27, 1994. At the time of their disappearance, Oscar was 16 years old, standing at  5’3” and was 130 lbs. Samuel was 18 years old, his date of birth is listed as October 15, 1992. He is 5’8” and 170 lbs. 

If you have any further information, please contact the FBI Somerset, New Jersey Office at 973-792-3000.


The Missing Jose Perez

The Missing
Jose Perez
Case #: 09014835
Essex County

Jose was last seen in Newark New Jersey on January 6, 2009. He was last seen wearing a red and black t-shirt with blue jeans and a red and black yankees baseball cap. His nickname is Javier. He is a White/Hispanic male, 5’07”, 160 lbs with brown hair, brown eyes and an olive complexion. His date of birth is listed at 06/03/1991.

On facebook I saw a post update from the Camden Police Department saying Jose Perez has been located in 2018. Other than that, there is no official statement that he has been found. The only place he is listed as missing is the NJSP website which is updated frequently.

If you have any further information please contact the Newark Police Department at 973-733-6277.


The Missing Byron Melendez

The Missing
Byron Melendez
Case #: 08-80623
Ocean County

Byron Melendez was 22 years old when he was last seen on October 1, 2008 in Lakewood Township, New Jersey. He has not been heard from since. He may have moved out of state. He is a Hispanic male that is around 6’1”, 220 lbs, with brown hair and brown eyes. His date of birth is listed as 10/20/1985. This is the only available photo of Byron.

There are few details in this case. 

If you have any further information, please contact the Lakewood Township Police Department at 732-363-0200.


The Missing Danielle Nuttall

The Missing
Danielle Marie Nuttall-Ravert
Case #: 08184456
Mercer County

Danielle Nuttall was 31 years old when she was last seen on September 7, 2008. A coworker dropped her off at her home, a third floor apartment in the 200 block of Hamilton Avenue in Trenton, New Jersey. Danielle is a white female, date of birth is 08/21/1977. Standing at 5’3” and 180 lbs. She had brown hair and blue eyes. She has several tattoos, “Danielle” on her right shoulder, the name “George” and a dolphin on her back, and the name “Mikey” or “Mike” with a heart on her left ankle. Her ears are double pierced. She may either be referred to as Danielle Nuttall or Danielle Ravert. She grew up in Conshohocken, New Jersey and was on the swim team and the marching band at Plymouth-Whitemarsh Highschool. She has a prior history of heroin addiction and depression, however she had been around 15 months clean at the time of her disappearance. 
Sometime after her coworker dropped her off, it became apparent that a cab driver dropped Danielle off at the Walter Rand Transportation Center in Camden, New Jersey at 12:30 a.m. on September 7. She told him she did not have enough money to get back to Trenton. She has not been heard from since. She had an upcoming court date and had mistakenly believed that she might be jailed. She had a history of prostitution and drug abuse along with a criminal record for related offenses. It is possible she started using heroin again.
Danielle’s family reported her missing on September 22, they stated she had been going through emotional stress before she went missing. She was having problems with her roommate and her boyfriend was allegedly physically and mentally abusive to her and had been incarcerated at the time, as he had been many times before. Danielle was trying to end the relationship with him.
Foul play is suspected in her disappearance, as it was uncharacteristic of her to leave without warning and for her to abandon her pet pit bull, whom she cherished like a child. Authorities found what they believe is blood on the walls and carpet in her apartment. 
Danielle’s roommate has cooperated with the investigation and he is not being called a suspect in her case. Her credit cards have not been used since the disappearance, and her cell phone was turned off a half an hour after she was last seen. She left behind two uncashed paychecks. 

Danielle’s disappearance remains unsolved. 

If you have any further information, please contact the Trenton Police Department at 609-989-4170 or 609-989-3663.


Danielle Marie Nuttall-Ravert

The Missing Dulce Ramos

The Missing
Dulce Ramos
Case #: 08-54157
Ocean County

Dulce Ramos was last seen at her residence in Lakewood Township, New Jersey on August 18, 2008. She is a White/Hispanic female, date of birth being 12/05/1993, standing at 5’02” 125 lbs and black hair. It is stated her iris color is “black” but I’m not really sure that’s possible so I will list her eye color as dark brown. 
There is no further information available. 

 If you have any information, please contact the Lakewood Township Police Department at 732-363-0200.


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