The Missing Amanda Garas

The Missing
Amanda Amgad Salib Garas
Case #: MP3607

(age progression) 

(Age progression to age 7)

Amanda Amgad Salib Garas was just 2 years old when she was last seen on June 2, 2007 in Bayonne, New Jersey. She was unlawfully taken by her non-custodial mother, Suzan Gerges. Amanda has black hair and brown eyes, with a medium complexion. Her date of birth is November 11, 2004.  The mother may have taken the child to Cairo, Egypt. A felony warrant of kidnapping has been issued for Suzan Gerges. She is an Asian/Middle Eastern female, born on May 25 1974, 5’6” in height, 180 lbs with black hair and brown eyes. There is a picture of Suzan below. 

Amanda’s whereabouts are still unknown.

If you have any information, please contact the Hudson County Sheriff’s Office at 201-915-1300.


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