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The Missing Lorraine Herbster

The MissingLorraine HerbsterCase # (NCMEC) 1158939Burlington County  Lorraine Rae Herbster, more commonly known as Lori, was just 17 years old when she disappeared on Friday, March 9, 1979 from Westampton Township, Burlington County New Jersey. She is a white female that was 5’4” tall and weighed 125 lbs at the time. Lori has brown hair,... Continue Reading →

The Missing Karen Zendrosky

The MissingKaren ZendroskyCase #: (NCMEC) 968779Mercer County Karen Lynn Zendrosky was 16 years old when she was last seen at a bowling alley in Bordentown Township, New Jersey on the evening of October 23, 1979. Some sources state that she was last seen in Hamilton Township. Her parents reported her missing a short time afterwards.... Continue Reading →

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